Social Media Week: My Top 7 Blogging Essentials

In this post, I share a few of my blogging essentials! What are yours?

Continuing with the social media and blogging advice week, I’m sharing my top seven blogging essentials.

Over the course of the summer I’ve been trying to improve my blog and social media – by increasing my presence, growing my audience, and creating new and exciting content. I’ve been doing lots of research and come across new (free!) things that I’ve now decided are total essentials, and I wanted to share these with you guys! 

1.      Hootsuite

this one is great when it comes to wanting to schedule your social media for Twitter and Facebook – and I think it works for Google+ and LinkedIn. It also shortens links for you. Plus, you know, it’s free. There are paid premium plans but you don’t really need them. The downfall? Well, it can take quite a while to schedule, and I wasn’t a fan of the bulk uploader when I did a paid plan. Also, it doesn’t schedule to Tumblr.


a better Hootsuite, in my opinion! Free, again, for up to two social accounts (I’m using it for Twitter and Tumblr). This one is great because you can just pick the times in advance for each day, and then you put the content in a queue and it just runs!

3.      If This, Then That.

A MUST, for connecting all your different social networks! You can use pre-made recipes or create your own, and it’s a super-easy way of getting your Instagram on Wordpress, your Facebook photos on Instagram, etc.

4.      BlogLovin’

You can add all the blogs you love to follow to your feed on here – I’m not so sure about most Tumblr blogs, but you can suggest them to be added if they’re not already there, and then they should show up. Easy way of keeping track of all the blogs you’re following!

5.      Trello

oh, my new favourite blogging pal! Trello is a sort of virtual whiteboard, accessible from desktop and via its app. For instance, I created a board for blog ideas – within that, are lists for ideas of blog posts, ideas for Writing Wednesday posts, and a list for posts I’ve written - so as I write the post for an idea, I move the ‘card’ from one list to the other. I know it sounds complicated, but it’s one of the most user-friendly AND functional apps I’ve come across in a long while.

6.      A notebook

god forbid I neglect to list this! I keep a black notebook with all my story notes, and blog notes too. Even if I don’t use it, I always take it with me when I go on a day trip somewhere (like to London, or a conference) so I’ve got access to it as and when inspiration strikes

7.      My phone

Again, I’d be remiss to not add this one! I’m not even kidding, I don’t know where I would be without my phone. Not only for blogging on the go and keeping up to date with feedback on posts, but also for notes when I’m out and about and don’t necessarily have my notebook – like if I’m out shopping or something.

What are some of your blogging essentials? Have I missed your favourite off? Let me know in the comments!

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