What I've missed most about writing

July 04, 2016
It's hard when you're not writing for a while - if life gets in the way. I share a few of the biggest things I've missed about writing

I haven’t been writing for pretty much this whole past year. I started a new book last summer but ended up having to pack it away, because uni started back up again. Which was pretty sad.

See, with it being my final year of my degree, I figured I should probably put maximum effort into that – which is why my blog was completely dead for about nine months, and I was mostly only on Instagram and a little on Twitter.

I know that if you love something you make time for it, but I had to draw the line. I decided that my studies came first and foremost (and I’m thrilled to say that after a not-so-great second year, I managed to get a 2.2 in my BSc Physics degree, even getting 72% in one of my final exams!!).

When I get a story in my head, it’s like I’m possessed by it. You’ll find me all but surgically attached to my laptop, staying up late into the night, eyes glued to a Word document. When I’m like that, writing can totally consume me.

Who needs to pee? I have a scene to finish.

I’ve missed that about writing the most. Just being able to let myself go and writewritewritewritewrite. As much as I want, whenever I want.

This might sound kind of stupid, but maybe those of you who are writers will get it. Writing, for me, is a sort of release. It’s incredibly freeing to be able to sit down and let my imagination run wild.

It’s also empowering. To see the pages filling up with words, and to see all those ideas cluttering up my mind spill out onto the page coherently. And when you start to see the pages and the chapters racking up and suddenly, before you realise, you’re 30,000 words in and still full of passion for your story.

I just love that feeling.


I have a couple of writing projects under my belt at the moment.

You guys might have seen me blogging every other Thursday with an update on Betting Boy, my current Wattpad work for The Cheaters Club. Find out more here, or start reading Betting Boy here.
I finished one book last summer that I sent to my agent, and now I have her notes, I’m editing it.
And then I have my WIP from last summer which I’m really excited to get back to – but I want to finish editing the other book first, and maybe knock out a few more chapters of Betting Boy before I sink my teeth into that one.

And on a slightly different note, I’m getting back into blogging! I fixed up my blog with a few aesthetic updates to the theme and then gave Writing Wednesdays a full makeover. Once that was all out of the way (by late June) it was time to start thinking about blog posts. Like this one.

And there’s plenty more to come…

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