New blog series coming up: Social Media for Writers

January 16, 2017
New blog series coming soon: all about how to use social media to support your writing profile!

Hello again folks – I’m back! 

I know my blogging fell by the wayside end of last year so you’ll have to forgive me for that: I have to go through some exams for my job as part of a qualification, and it meant I had exactly no time to do anything from October to early December. But more on that another time.

It’s a new year, and that means new blog posts!

I organised a little blogging calendar recently to see me through to at least August, and I’ve decided to start up a new series.

A while back, I ran a week’s worth of posts around social media advice, and they still get looked at now. I still get questions from people about using social media. Plus, call me a geek, but I really love the whole digital scene. (I might not always apply every tip and trick I read about, but I read a lot of them.)

You can check out the round-up post from my social media advice week with links to all the posts here.

So – I’ve decided to start a new blog series: Social Media for Writers.

Social Media for Writers will be a fortnightly post on a Sunday. Posts will cover things from which social media networks to use, how to use them to promote your books, how to maintain a brand and create images, if you should start a blog or make a website and some tips on just how to do that… 

Basically, if it’s about social media, it’ll be in the series.

If you’re a writer and want to know anything about using social media to support your online profile, networking, or promoting your books – feel free to comment or Tweet me with your questions, and I’ll get a post lined up about it!

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