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April 28, 2017
Hi there!

Welcome to my blog. I guess you clicked that 'start here' button because you wondered what this whole thing is about. 

In a nutshell: bookish things, writing advice posts, and all that jazz.

Whoa, hang on a minute, I hear you say. Who are you again?

I’m Beth. I'm a twenty-something* Physics graduate from Exeter University, writer, blogger, and hardcore nerd. 

My pen-name is Beth Reekles - I’m a published Young Adult author, and started posting my work online to Wattpad back in 2011. My most well-known work, The Kissing Booth, is even becoming a Netflix movie. No biggie. But you can read more about that on my about page.

*This is my way of getting out of updating this part for the next ten years.

Okay cool. So what’s this Writing Wednesdays thing?

I get a lot of asks from people who want writing advice, and back in 2014 I decided to start a blog series dedicated to writing advice. I ran this for just over a year before taking a break to complete my final year of my degree (in Physics! Whoop! Science!). It started back up properly in 2017.

If you’re here for Writing Wednesdays, you can start reading from the first post right here (each post links to similar topics AND the next post in the series), or you can just check out the Pinterest board and pick your favourites.

If you have a request for a Writing Wednesday post you’d like to see, or if you just want some writing advice, shoot me a message.

And this Social Media for Writers thing? Tell me more about that.

I found that a lot of writers - those who post on Wattpad and those who are traditionally published - struggle to know how to approach using social media to promote their books and promote themselves as a writer. And I’m really into social media and digital stuff. So I decided to start up a new blog series - read the first post here, or check out the entire series here.

You can also find the posts on my Pinterest board (makes it easier to find the one you want).

Alright, wait, wait, wait - what about this Twenty-Something Series nonsense?

Ah, yes! So this is something I started after I quit my grad job. It's a series of lifestyle or opinion posts, which I plan to update around the end of each month, about being a twenty-something. Find them all here.

What about the other stuff on your blog? What else do you blog about?

Sometimes I post book reviews, or share content from other authors, or cute pictures of books. I'll share other bookish blog posts under the 'beth blogs' tag, and I'll share any vlogs I post to my Youtube channel, too.

My other blog posts will be tagged ‘beth blogs’, if they’re not Writing Wednesdays.

Oh, cool. So what about your books? Can I buy them somewhere? Or like, find out more about them?

I was starting to think you’d never ask, dear reader. Of course you can. I’m gonna send you over to my website in this link right here (it’ll open a new tab, but please come back!) where you’ll be able to find out about each of my published novels AND my online books, and where you can buy things.

I’m a professional/media contact/I’d like to send you a book to review. How can I get in touch?

I'm on Twitter and all the usual places (links in the sidebar and header), or just email me at:

Do you do school visits?

This really depends on what time of year it is and if I can get time off from my job, but I love doing school visits! Get in touch with me ( to query about dates and fees.

I hear you do freelance social media work. Tell me more.

I've done some work helping various businesses with their website design, Twitter accounts, blogs, etc., both in a consultancy capacity and as a content manager/providing support services. If you're interested in this or would like to know more, shoot me an email at


  1. Beth Reekles people needs kissing booth 2 what's going on? How long are we waiting for part 2?

  2. Hi Beth Reekles- I love the movie "The Kissing Booth" that came out on Netflix. It seems to me that the characters and story itself are well written and I'm thinking of picking up my own copy to read myself, but I HAVE to ask from one writer to another: where did the inspiration of the story come from? (If I may ask.)


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