Cwtch Me If You Can

April 30, 2017

“Alex considers herself the ultimate romantic, and Valentine's Day is her favourite day of the year - until her boyfriend Will chooses that day to break up with her.
Heartbroken and angry, Alex swears off all guys. But that's easier said than done, when she keeps running into smart and sexy Sean. After all - there's no such thing as fate... right?

About Quick Reads

Quick Reads is a scheme that aims to encourage more adults to read.

The Quick Reads books are all short novellas, around 100 pages long. You can find out more about Quick Reads here.

About Cwtch Me If You Can

Cwtch Me If You Can was published by Accent Press (Welsh publishing company) as one of eight Quick Reads books for 2015. (Four English language, four Welsh language.)

And yes, you read the cover right: it DOES only cost £1.

It is available in bookshops and online in paperback, and also as an ebook. 
For those of you who don't know - 'cwtch' is a Welsh word that means 'snuggle' or 'cuddle'. For context, you could cwtch up under your duvet on a cold day, cwtch up with a good book on the sofa, cwtch your grandma/significant other/friend. 

Where to buy Cwtch Me If You Can

The paperback is available in various bookstores throughout the UK, and on Amazon
The ebook is also available. So far, I am only aware of the following links from which to purchase the book:

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