Writing Wednesdays: 7 quick fixes for writers’ block

If you're stuck with writing and facing the dreaded writers' block, here are a few quick fixes to get you back to the keyboard.

Some people don’t seem to ‘believe’ in writers’ block – as you might’ve guessed from previous posts where I’ve talked about that very topic, though, I’m not one of them. Writers’ block sucks.

I talked before about how you can tackle it, but today I want to just offer up some quick fixes. On a deadline? Or maybe you just really want to write but you’re kinda clogged up in terms of inspiration? Whatever’s eating at you, hopefully something on this list will help you out.

1. Soundtracks.

The really emotive kind. Think ‘He’s a Pirate’ from Pirates of the Caribbean, or ‘Light of the Seven’ from S6E10 Game of Thrones (man, it gets me every time), or ‘Buckbeak’s Flight’ from Prisoner of Azkaban. Anything John Williams is usually a good bet, actually. You can find great soundtracks on YouTube or Spotify.

2. Iconic scenes.

I mean, this is pretty much the same as above: browse YouTube for a couple of scenes that always get you. Maybe it’s Dumbledore’s death and when everyone raises their wands to burn away the Dark Mark, or maybe it’s an epic fight scene, or your favourite kiss (Emma Swan and Hook’s first kiss in Neverland, anyone?). If you know there's something specific you're struggling with, try to find a great scene with that kind of vibe or situation.

3. If you’ve got a little more time: try a book, or a movie.

Maybe one you’ve already seen, or maybe not. Whether it inspires you, or you just lose yourself in it and feel kind of refreshed afterwards – you’ll probably get something out of it.

4. Writing prompts.

So I’m not saying find a writing prompt and go with it and create a new story, or anything like that. I mean, sure, if you want to do that, go for it. But here, I’m talking about browsing writing prompts (Google, or even look around Tumblr or Pinterest).

Maybe something with resonate with you because it would really fit with your story where it is. Or, just picture how your characters might respond in the situation the prompt offers up. Similarly, you can search around AO3 in your favourite fandom/ship and take a look at some of the AUs. Maybe you’ll find some inspiration there.

5. Try fancasting your characters.

Who would play your character in a movie? Compile yourself a little list – complete with photos – and maybe after that you’ll feel a bit more motivated to work with your characters again.

6. Got an idea for a scene but it doesn’t come next in the story?

Write it anyway. Maybe you’ll use it, maybe you won’t. The worst bit about beating writers’ block is trying to overcome it in the first place. Once you’ve written something, you won’t feel so daunted or disheartened.

7. Reread what you’ve already got.

The last couple of chapters, or your favourite scene so far, or right from the start. Something will hit you – whether it’s something you want to build on or something you want to fix. Or maybe you’ll just read through to the end and find a couple more paragraphs worm their way out of you. Hey, at least you’ve written something. Progress is progress!

Well, there you go! Seven quick fixes for writers’ block! What works best for you when you’re trying to beat writers’ block?

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  1. #7 totally does it! I always tend to reread when I am short on time and then I really want to write and then don't have time! Ha! Also music for sure, and for me going some where works. Like a cute little town and exploring it or just a beach trip!


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