#TKBmovie - Netflix are doing a sequel!

February 14, 2019
It's official - your faves are back in a sequel to The Kissing Booth! Here's what I can tell you now...

Well, guys, in case you haven't heard the news...

Netflix are doing a sequel to The Kissing Booth!

Here's what I can tell you right now about it.

Komixx (the production company who originally bought the rights back in 2013 and made the whole thing happen) and Netflix have decided to go ahead and make a sequel to The Kissing Booth.

All three of your faves - Joey King, Joel Courtney, AND Jacob Elordi - are all returning for the sequel!

I don't have any dates to share yet, or anything with regards to the storyline. Sorry, gang! You'll just have to hang in there and wait a while longer for all that. But believe me, as soon as I'm able to tell you all anything, I will.

(You have no idea how crazy it's been driving me, not being able to tell you about this. I don't even want to say how long I've sat on this news. Don't think I've been ignoring all your pleas for a sequel in your thousands of comments and messages over the last year! But I have had a little giggle when I saw a few articles this week dejectedly speculating that The Kissing Booth would not get a sequel, and surely, surely it would've been announced by now?)

Honestly, I am over the moon about this! 

Having the first movie was surreal and much more than I ever dreamed of, but getting the go-ahead for the second one? I was floored. 

(Funnily enough, I put The Muppets Most Wanted on this morning, because, ya know, I love me anything Muppets... and of course its opening number is 'We're Doing a Sequel'. You bet your ass I've been singing that all day!)

Until the next update, guys... xo

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