OUT NOW! - It Won’t Be Christmas Without You

September 02, 2019
My debut adult book, It Won't Be Christmas Without You, is out now! Find out more about it, including where to buy it, in this post.

In case you missed the news: my sixth book is being published (and is out NOW!) with Harper Collins. It’s my debut adult book, called It Won’t Be Christmas Without You.

(Heads up: this post contains affiliate links.)

It Won’t Be Christmas Without You follows the story of twins Cara and Eloise. Cara is working her butt off for a promotion, and Eloise is devastated when their parents decide to go away for the holidays – and Cara is probably too busy working to come visit for Christmas Day. Is it too much to ask to have a perfect Christmas? Of course, the story wouldn’t be complete without a sprinkling of romance with Eloise’s neighbour, the brooding Jamie Darcy, and Cara’s Mr Perfect, George, who’s keeping a few secrets from her…

Now we’re saying goodbye to August, it’s basically already Christmastime (right?) – but for those of you who are genuinely curious about the release date, apparently, Christmas books tend to be released around this time of year so reviews are up before everyone else goes searching for some feel-good fuzzy yuletide books. (This was news to me, but makes a lot of sense when you think about it.)

You can also check out my vlog from publication day for a little more info.

This is also my second book out this year, which is very exciting – but more than that, it’s my first adult work! I’m hoping to write more in this space because I had so much fun working on this story and with these characters. So, watch this space…

Right now, It Won’t Be Christmas Without You is only being published by Harper Collins UK, and is currently available in ebook, and right now is only 99p on Kindle. The paperback will be available from October 31st – and you can pre-order that now too, if you like!

(Quick side note – I’m thinking of maybe doing a giveaway of the paperback, so definitely make sure you’re keeping an eye on my Twitter and Instagram in case that does go ahead!)

I’m hoping it will also become available in more territories and languages soon, and will share whenever I have any news about that!

I really hope you all enjoy It Won’t Be Christmas Without You. It’s a book I’m incredibly proud of and thrilled to share with you all. If you do read it, let me know what you think over on Twitter, where you can find me @Reekles, or on Instagram, where I’m @authorbethreekles.

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