December 30, 2019

the obligatory #bestnine... would you believe I had to narrow it down from a best ninety? So much happened this year! From BBC premieres and meeting my hero @hankgreen, to visiting the set of #TKB2 and working on seven books, to family holidays, getting a new job, and spending more time with my friends, and learning Portuguese. But, here’s my best nine... 💋❄️✨ 1. Cape Town! Filming for #TheKissingBooth2! 2. Travelling! Long-haul flights (and the odd train to London for meetings) might be tiring, but I love the chance to switch off and rest before getting stuck in to some exciting things. 3. RIO! I got to go back to Brazil and it was so bloody brilliant... maybe we’ll do it again next year? 4. Feeling like a total #girlboss with my new job as an IT Service Manager 💁🏻‍♀️ (what can I say, I love the glamour of it) 5. THE END - finally wrapping up work on The Kissing Booth 2: Going the Distance left me an emotional wreck, especially after working on it for seven years, and it was beautiful. 6. Exploring Cape Town! I had such a spectacular day with @carsonewhite and his family - a shining moment I’ll never forget. 7. This year was the year of self care for me. With the day job and seven books to work on, I am amazed I managed to avoid burning out - and proud! 8. MY CHRISTMAS BOOK AND DEBUT ADULT BOOK WAS PUBLISHED!!!! NO BIG DEAL! IT’S TOTALLY A BIG DEAL! 9. And more TKB2! I can’t wait for this book to be released in January! In 2011 I never could have imagined it coming this far, so to finally hold a copy of the sequel... wow, just wow. Here’s to a 2020 that’s just as spectacular! 🥂 via Instagram https://ift.tt/39ven8H

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