It's World Book Day! Plus - win a copy of The Kissing Booth: Road Trip!

The Kissing Booth: Road Trip has been published for World Book Day 2020 - here's more about that, and how you cold win a copy...

World Book Day has come around fast, and with it, the release of The Kissing Booth: Road Trip!

In case you missed it: I was picked as one of the authors for this year's World Book Day, alongside authors such as Matt Haig, Anthony Horowitz, and Robin Stevens - which is such an honour! My book for World Book Day, The Kissing Booth: Road Trip, is a short story that follows Elle and Lee on a cross-country road trip for spring break to visit Noah in Harvard.

I loved World Book Day as a kid: it was the one day a year that everyone in school embraced books, even if they weren't much of a reader. And being someone who devoured every book I could get my hands on, it was nice to see everyone getting involved.

(Although I was always stuck with an easy costume, like Hermione or Lucy Pevensie, because neither of my parents were especially creative when it came to dressing up as your favourite character.)

One of World Book Day's initiatives this year is to get the nation to share a million stories - to help them along, I've shared my Top Ten reads from when I was younger over on Twitter. Take a look and let me know what your favourites were, growing up, with the hashtag #ShareAStory.

And honestly, I completely freaked out when I saw that Anthony Horowitz was another author on the line-up for World Book Day this year. I LOVED the Alex Rider series when I was younger, so it's crazy to think that I'm actually publishing something alongside the author behind it now.

You can find out more about World Book Day here, or about the other books for 2020 here.

I'm especially excited to be sharing this story with you. TKB: Road Trip is my eighth published book (eighth!) and the fourth book in The Kissing Booth series. Which is completely crazy, because I never expected to publish TKB in the first place, let alone turn it into a series!

(For those of you wondering, Road Trip takes place 'during' the sequel, Going the Distance - a bit like The Beach House and The Kissing Booth. I know, I make it real easy for you guys. I'm great at writing a chronological series.)

The book is currently only available in the UK, but hopefully will be coming to more countries later on this year. (I'll keep you posted of any news over on my Instagram and Twitter!) Plus, it's only £1! A bargain!

AND, you can get a sneak peek at the first chapter of it right here.

To celebrate World Book Day, I'll be giving away some signed copies of The Kissing Booth: Road Trip - both on Twitter and on Instagram. Make sure you don't miss out! Both giveaways will be open internationally, too!

I'm also taking part in a readalong at 7.30pm tonight (Thursday 5th March) over on Twitter - so grab your copy of TKB: Road Trip and come join us to talk about it with the hashtag #WBDreadalong! Find out more here

Oh, AND (because yes, there's more!) I recorded this podcast for World Book Day, with some brilliant booktubers. It was an incredibly fun afternoon, and I hope you enjoy listening!

I'd love to hear what World Book Day meant to you growing up, and what you'll be reading for it now! Share in the comments or over on Twitter, where I'm @Reekles.

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