#SignForOurBookshops - Get a Signed Bookplate!

I'm sure plenty of you have already seen the amazing #SignForOurBookshops initiative started by Holly Bourne to support UK bookshops during Lockdown 2.0 here in the UK, and I'm thrilled to say that I'm taking part too!

#SignForOurBookshops is a national show of support from UK authors, urging people to keep buying through bookshops by offering exclusive signed bookplates to stores and customers. Over 200 authors are taking part so far, including Matt Haig, Dolly Alderton, Malorie Blackman, Michael Rosen, David Nicholls and so many more. Read more in The Guardian here.

For #SignForOurBookshops, I'm going to be giving away signed bookplates to UK residents who buy any copies of my books from a UK bookseller. Here's what's on offer, and how to get them

If you're buying a book...

I have 50 bookplates to give away to people who buy any of my books from a UK high-street or indie bookseller between now and Dec 2nd (2020). These bookplates will be signed and personalised.

To get your hands on one:

  • Please email me before buying to check there are still bookplates left as availability is limited! Contact me at authorbethreekles@gmail.com
  • Not sure where to start? Find your local bookstore here
  • While you're there, maybe consider buying a few other books to support the bookseller. (I mean, really, when is one book ever enough?!)
  • Once you've got your book, email me with proof of purchase and let me know who to sign the bookplate to, and where to post it.

(To clarify: I won't post you the book, only the bookplate, which is essentially a little sticker you can pop into the book!)

This campaign ends on December 2nd (2020) so be sure to order your book and email me before that! This is also UK only, I'm afraid.

If you're a bookshop...

I've got 50 more signed bookplates, which I'll send out to UK bookshops. (Max. 5 bookplates per retailer.) You can contact me at authorbethreekles@gmail.com.

Which of my books can you get?

Well, that's a GREAT question, and I'm so glad you asked, dear reader.

You're probably already aware of The Kissing Booth collection, but maybe you don't have all the books just yet, so here's a quick refresher...

  • The Kissing Booth
  • The Beach House (ebook only for now, but paperback coming soon!)
  • The Kissing Booth 2: Going the Distance
  • The Kissing Booth: Road Trip (may not be available as this was a World Book Day book)
  • The Kissing Booth 3: One Last Time (available for pre-order)

If you're into YA, the good news is that I have two other YA novels: Rolling Dice, and Out of Tune. (Both are stand-alone books and not linked to the TKB series.)

OR, it you're after something Christmassy, and don't mind New Adult... now might be the perfect time to grab a copy of my debut adult book, released last year, It Won't Be Christmas Without You!

I mean... 'Tis the season! If you're not familiar from all my previous blogs and videos, here's the blurb of IWBCWY:

Eloise, a self-confessed Christmas obsessive, can’t wait for the big day. Devoted to her Michael Bublé playlist, she’s organising the school nativity play and even her gorgeous Grinch of a neighbour, James, can’t get her down.

Her workaholic twin sister, Cara, on the other hand, plans to work over the holiday – and figure out what secrets her seemingly-perfect boyfriend George might be keeping from her.

The sisters used to be close but since Cara moved to London, everything’s been different. Only, Eloise isn’t giving up just yet, and with a white Christmas on the cards, Cara can’t fail to be moved by the magic of the season … can she?

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