The Twenty-Something Series: My top ten Christmas movies to watch this week

I adore Christmas, so in this post I've ranked my top ten (ish) Christmas movies!

In case you couldn't tell from my last post in this series - It's been a winter wonderland! (and other things to love about this time of year) - I really, really love Christmas. I'm nuts for it.

And naturally, I love Christmas movies. From the classics to the Hallmark-style romances. And with less than a week to go until Christmas (eek! Where's December gone?!) I'm sharing my favourite movies to check out this week - and ranked, of course, because what fun would a list like this be if I didn't rank it?

10. Miracle on 34th Street

It's just adorable. And Richard Attenborough was a wonderful, wonderful Father Christmas.

9. The Night Before

I did not expect to like this film at all. It was on Netflix a couple of years ago and I thought, meh, I'll stick it on, might be alright for an hour or so. And I loved it. It was different and funny and unexpected even when I thought I could predict how things would go. 

8. A Christmas Prince

Oh come on, you didn't think I'd miss this one out, did you? I so enjoyed this film - it was everything I wanted it to be, and wonderfully predictable.
(Although - spoiler alert - I was totally convinced the late king's will would have changed the law so Princess Sophie could inherit the throne and rule.)

Also: ten out of ten would recommend A Wish For Christmas and Once Upon a Holiday if you liked this, because they're a similar style, and I couldn't get enough of either. I'm such a sucker for these things.

7. Jingle All The Way

I don't know why I feel like this is my dad's favourite Christmas movie (because I'm pretty sure that's Die Hard) but this is such a great one. It's so different to the others. Nothing to do with Father Christmas or romance - just a regular family and a mad twenty-four hours. 

I also love it because it reminds me of Christmas Eve a few years ago: late afternoon, my dad goes to get the stockings out, and they're nowhere to be seen. Somewhere in the last 364 days they've vanished. Cue a mad rush into town for my dad, my sister and I, running around every shop that might sell stockings and all of them out of stock, and my dad going, 'It's like we're in Jingle All The Way!' (We got stockings, fear not. Sadly not in anywhere near as exciting a way as Arnie gets his Turbo Man.)

6. The Santa Clause

It's so pure. So good. My whole family love this one and Tim Allen makes a wonderful Santa. How could you not be filled with that warm fuzzy feeling?

5. The Holiday vs Elf

If Jude Law in glasses doesn't make your Christmas, I don't know what will. And if you don't join in the sing-along in Central Park at the end of Elf, well, you're doing it wrong. I can't decide which I like more out of these to, so I'm putting them joint fifth.

4. Love Actually

What to love most about this? More Martin Freeman at Christmas? Liam Neeson and his son's relationship? The best version of 'All I Want For Christmas' you've ever heard? Rowan Atkinson's gift-wrapping scene? Hugh Grant dancing to 'Jump' that makes me want to get up and dance along? Colin Firth parading through the streets to get to Aurelia? Hugh Grant and his driver singing carols? No, I'll tell you what to love most about this.

'Eight is a lot of legs, David.'

(Cracks me up every time.)

3. Nativity

I'm continually shocked when people haven't seen this or even heard of it. Martin Freeman is absolutely wonderful, the songs are catchy as hell, and it's laugh out loud funny. I've watched it about five times since November (don't judge me: I had it downloaded and I've been flying a lot) and it's made me giggle every time. It's not often you get a movie that good. 

2. Arthur Christmas

I've adored this film from the first ten minutes I saw of it. It's packed full of humour, sweet moments, a star-studded cast, and a great story. (And a damn good soundtrack, too.) My family are forever quoting this around Christmas time. And I'm not ashamed to say that I FaceTimed my mum and sister a couple of weeks ago, heard about 0.3 seconds of it in the background, and all but screamed, 'You're watching Arthur Christmas?!' 

1. Muppet Christmas Carol

Top of the list for sentimental reasons - and because it's a bloody good movie. The songs are catchy, I've got a huge soft spot for anything Muppets, and this is my Christmas day movie. My sister and I watch it when we wake up, before we go wake up our parents. Can't top that kind of Christmas tradition.

What about you? What are your top Christmas films? And what movie do you recommend that you think not enough people have seen? Let me know in the comments!

Now I'm just... I'm sure I forgot something on this list... Something's just bothering me, I -


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