10 Things You Might've Missed in #TKBmovie

June 07, 2018

It's been such a mad few weeks since The Kissing Booth movie came to Netflix!

I've been so busy (balancing trying to talk to you guys on Twitter and Instagram and whatnot, and my full-time job, and trying to see family and friends) so I haven't posted as much about the movie as I would have liked to. I will try to post more in the next few weeks, promise!

But for today, I wanted to share with you a few things you might have missed in the movie of The Kissing Booth! As for what's so special about today, all will be revealed if you don't already know later in this post...

The homage to The Breakfast Club

In a nod to John Hughes and Molly Ringwald (who starred as Mrs Flynn in The Kissing Booth!), you can see a little hint of The Breakfast Club gang in the movie! If you go to the detention scene at the start of the movie - you know the one, where Tuppen wears a skirt! - you can spot several extras dressed as the Breakfast Club characters.

The XL cup

Honestly, I laughed so much when someone pointed this out, so wanted to share in case you guys missed it too. When Elle wakes up in Noah's bed after her wild night partying near the start of the movie, and the camera does some shots around the room as she realises where she is, you can see Noah's athletic cup, marked XL... and then it goes BACK to focus on the cup again. 

Flynn's Superman boxers

I doubt you'll have missed this if you watched the movie. In the cut scenes at the end during the credits, you see Elle leaving Noah's room (following on from the XL cup scene) and then spotting him in his Superman boxers - a scene which was in the book and my readers have LOVED since the start, so I'm thrilled that they kept it in!

My name at the start!

Just in case you weren't looking for it - at the montage at the beginning of the movie, when Noah is running up out of the water, you can see 'Based on the book by Beth Reekles'! Although I know Noah kind of steals the scene there, so I wouldn't blame you for missing my name...

Noah's 'I love you'

When Noah declares his love to Elle at prom and asks to forget everyone else and think about she wants, it's quoted from the book! It's been a while since I've reread the book, so when I first heard the lines in the movie, I thought it was a nod to Notting Hill's 'just a girl standing in front of a boy' - until I remembered! 

And Elle's little 'not wanting to lose Lee' monologue

Another chunk straight from the book! I was so thrilled by all the lines that were taken from the book, but this was one I was REALLY happy to see kept in for the movie. It was one of the more emotional scenes I wrote and for me was so important to show how much their friendship means.

Actually, a lot of quotes from the book...

There are several scenes or lines that have come straight from the book - but I suppose if you want to find out, you'll have to grab a copy of the book for yourself!

My cameo!

In case you missed it on my Instagram and Twitter: I have a cameo in the movie! During the happy birthday song scene, you can see me dressed in a yellow dress with a blue feather boa dressed as a 20s flapper singing happy birthday!

And my atrocious dancing...

Literally just as the party scene begins, you see a shot of everyone dancing outside the house before it cuts to Elle and Lee talking in a bathroom. If you keep an eye on the bottom left of the screen though, you can see me dancing from behind. Terribly, I warn you.

And finally... June 7th!

Elle and Lee's birthday is declared in the film as being 7th June (AKA, today!) and the coolest thing is - that's my birthday too! 

And before you ask: no, it wasn't a date I chose for them, and when I mentioned it I remember being told it was purely coincidental. I just think it's so cute and such a fun little fact - which is why, in celebration of mine, Lee's and Elle's birthday, I wanted to share this post!

What were some of the things you missed first time round when watching The Kissing Booth? I'd love to hear about them so share in the comments, or Tweet them to me @Reekles! 

Also - make sure you're following me at authorbethreekles on Instagram, because I'm sharing loooaaaaads more around the movie still!


  1. Thank you!! I'm loving your blog and I loved the film. You are right, I have noticed the Breakfasts club references and I love how it is very much an homage to those times when I was growing up. Love the simple mind song which is one of my favourite songs ever! Please do a follow up to this lovely book and hopefully a film. Virginia

  2. And Happy Birthday!!🎉🎈

  3. Oh my gosh I seriously forgot how amazing your articles are! Next time I watch the movie which will be like the 30th time I will look out for everything you mentioned! I hope that you start posting articles more because they are so interesting! Also happy Birthday!!����������


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