Writing Wednesdays: 3 pieces of advice I'd give new writers

If you're a new writer looking for advice, I share my top three pieces of advice in this post.

When I asked on Instagram what you guys would want to see a Writing Wednesday post about, lots of people asked what advice I would give new writers.

I mean, honestly, this whole series of writing advice posts is targeted at writers - whether new or practised. But I thought that, this week, I would cover off the three biggest pieces of advice I would give to a new writer.

3. Don't ask where or how to start - just start

This was another question I got asked a lot - 'How do I start a book?' And quite honestly, I think that's the wrong question to ask. 

It doesn't matter how you start your book. Dialogue, a description, some pathetic fallacy, a metaphor, a quote - whatever. It doesn't matter. There are 'rules' out there telling you otherwise, I'm sure, but so what? You never open a book and think, 'Oh, no, can't read this - I never read books that open with speech.'

Don't ask where or how to start your book. Just start.

Put something on the page. You might edit it and completely change it later on, but that's fine! You're totally allowed to do that! There is nothing stopping you - but you can't edit anything until you've got something on the page. And once you start, it'll be much easier to carry on.

Starting to write a book is terrifying, I know, but it's also something that's very exciting. It's the start of a new journey! It's kicking off a new experience! And you are in total control. What's not to love about that?

2. Remember that you need to be your own biggest fan

It's easy to fall into the trap of being your own worst critic. It's easy to be hard on yourself and sceptical of your abilities, to not believe in your own work.

And while you might not be able to stop that, you have to make sure you champion yourself, too. 

There's a reason you're writing the book you're writing. There's a reason it's your story to tell. And sure, maybe it's not perfect. Maybe it won't ever be published. But that doesn't matter! That doesn't have to be the goal: the goal could simply be to finish it, or to try, or to enjoy it. You don't even have to take it seriously. You just have to believe in yourself as best you can.

1. Write the book you want to read

This is my biggest and favourite piece of advice to give when people ask me. It's what I did with The Kissing Booth and what I continue to do.

Don't write the book you think people want to see. Write for yourself. Write the book you want to read. You'll be so much more passionate, so much more motivated - so much more likely to finish it. 

I wrote more about that here, if you want to read.

What's some of the best advice you've heard for new writers? I'd love to hear - so let me know in the comments or Tweet me @Reekles to tell me!

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