Announcing my debut adult book: It Won't Be Christmas Without You!

I have some exciting news to share... I'm publishing my first adult book and first Christmas book, It Won't Be Christmas Without You! It follows the story of twins Cara and Eloise as they try to have the perfect Christmas.

Well, I promised you all some big news, and here it is...

I’ve got a brand new book coming out! It's called It Won't Be Christmas Without You.

It follows the story of twins Cara and Eloise as they try to have the perfect Christmas, juggle jobs, and muddle through new relationships.

From the author behind Netflix's hit movie The Kissing Booth comes her debut adult novel: It Won't Be Christmas Without You!

And not just that, but this book will be my debut adult novel! 

(Quick disclaimer: Amazon affiliate links ahead in this post.) 

I’ve had five YA books published (with more yet to come - I’m talking about TKB2 and y’all know it) and much as I love that, the kind of thing I'm keen on right now is fiction about twenty-somethings right now. 

And like I’ve always done, I write the kind of books I want to read.

I am beyond excited about this book, for a lot of reasons. Here’s just a few:

  • It’s a Christmas book - and I am craaaaaazy about Christmas!
  • It’s about twenty-somethings!!!!! Which I don’t seem to see much of in contemporary fiction!
  • It’s written from dual perspective, and the chapters switch between my two main characters’ points of view
  • It’s my first NEW thing out in five years!

It Won’t Be Christmas Without You is being published by One More Chapter, a digital-first division of Harper Collins. It’s currently only been sold to Harper Collins UK but I’m hoping it’ll come to more territories soon - or else, you might be able to order the paperback to wherever you live. (Honestly, I’m never sure how this works, but some people seem to manage it!)

Wondering what it’s all about? Here’s a little blurb...

Eloise, a self-confessed Christmas obsessive, can't wait for the big day. Devoted to her Michael Bublé playlist, she's organising the school nativity play, and even her gorgeous Grinch of a neighbour, Jamie, can't get her down. 
Her workaholic twin sister, Cara, on the other hand, plans to work over the holiday. The sisters used to be so close - but since Cara moved to London, everything's been different. 
Eloise isn't giving up just yet - with a white Christmas on the cards, Cara can't fail to be moved by the magic of the season... can she?

Not enough? Okay. Here are three other random things to look forward to in the book...

  • Love Actually references (because, duh)
  • Moody neighbours who carry your Christmas tree for you
  • Getting drunk and telling your boss how kickass you are at your job

The book is, at the time of posting this, only 99p on Kindle (so I mean really, you can’t go wrong, can you?) and is available in paperback too! 

You can pre-order now, and the ebook will be released on August 30th. 

(Please pre-order if you are planning to get a copy to read. It really helps authors out. Like, a LOT.)

I’m also going to share a separate post talking more about how I wrote this book and the change into adult fiction - so let me know any questions you have! Drop them in the comments below or let me know @Reekles on Twitter

I’m so thrilled to finally be able to share this news with you all - I started the book December 2017 and have been waiting ever since to shout about it!

...Christmas in July, anyone?

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