March 20, 2020

it’s been a weird week, huh? I’ve been lucky enough to work from home and have been self-isolating as much as I can. Cancelled holiday plans, a trip to the theatre, visits home to the family, but that all feels like such small fry right now. Look after yourselves, folks. Stay safe, stay sensible, stay home as much as you can. (And send your friends all the weird and wonderful shit you find on the internet, God knows we all need it right now.) I’m gonna try to share some thoughts and advice on my blog next week - on working from home, on not losing your mind, on managing any anxiety you might be experiencing right now. Maybe it’ll help some of you, or maybe it’ll just help me cope a lil better. Don’t Forget To Be Awesome, kiddos 💛 via Instagram https://ift.tt/3aa9qBV

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