Vlog: Should you post your book on Wattpad?

June 28, 2020

As someone who started out on Wattpad and now has eight books published and two Netflix adaptations, I'm often asked: should I post my book online? What if it hurts my chances of being published? Is it worth it? In this video, I share some advice and some tips on how you can grow your audience. Buy The Kissing Booth - https://bit.ly/36DhSsn Buy TKB2: Going the Distance - https://bit.ly/2TDgXD9 Read Lockdown on London Lane - https://w.tt/3c5mM2v Remember to subscribe for more! Twitter - @Reekles Instagram - @authorbethreekles Make sure to follow my blog for more - https://ift.tt/2zpqAga

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