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Cwtch Me If You Can

Cwtch Me If You Can cover.jpg

Cwtch me If You Can

A short story published as part of the Welsh government Quick Reads Scheme in 2014

Alex considers herself the ultimate romantic, and Valentine’s Day is her favourite day of the year – until her boyfriend chooses that day to break up with her.

Heartbroken and angry, Alex swears off guys. But that’s easier said than done when she keeps bumping into smart and sexy Sean. After all – there’s no such thing as fate… right?

a note from the author

A short story published for the Welsh government's Quick Reads scheme, which encourages adult literacy, Cwtch Me If You Can was my first branch out of YA and into New Adult, with characters at university. And my first book set back in my own stomping ground of Wales, rather than across the pond like my YA novels.

And if you were wondering about the title - it was a throwaway joke that stuck, and I love it.


always here for a good pun,

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