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Faking It

a new Adult Rom-Com novel

FAKING IT Beth Reekles cover.jpg

Faking It


Sophie, 25.
Looking for: a plus one
Perfect first date: At my sister's wedding pretending we're already dating . . .

Lifelong singleton, Sophie, is looking for love. With her friends settling down and her family piling on the pressure, it seems that her anonymous column about relationships is more successful than her actual dating life. But now, with her sister's wedding approaching, she's determined not to turn up alone - and if she can't find her soulmate in time, she'll just have to fake one.

Enter Harry. Charming, attractive and seeking a post-break-up distraction, he answers Sophie's plea on a dating app, promising an all-expenses-paid weekend to anyone crazy enough to go along with her charade. And with the wedding a hit and a calendar full of "couple" events on the horizon, the pair realise the only way they'll survive the next few months is with each other - and a little white lie . . .

But as their love deception deepens and the pair grow closer, Sophie realises their charade may be holding them back from facing the truth. After all, when you're pretending to be in love, how is it possible to find the real thing?

From the author of YA sensation and Netflix hit THE KISSING BOOTH, and LOVE, LOCKED DOWN, this is the ultimate fake-dating love story, perfect for fans of THE SPANISH LOVE DECEPTION, THE LOVE HYPOTHESIS and THE HATING GAME

As someone who has spent the majority of their twenties (happily!) single, I really wanted to read a book that took a no-holds-barred look at the ups and downs of single life: the peer pressure, the exhaustion of yet another guy posing with his car on a dating app, the joys of taking yourself for a 'date' to the cinema to see a movie. 

So, as is so often the case with my writing - I wrote the book I wanted to read! One reviewer described it as 'a love letter to single people', and I can't hope for better praise than that!


a note from the author

part of the single, swipe, repeat crowd,

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