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welcome to the new website!

Hey folks,

Less of a blog post and more of a 'hello' message - welcome to my new website!

For the last several years I've been using Blogger as my main site. This is where I posted my series of writing advice blogs (Writing Wednesdays), more lifestyle-themed posts (The Twenty-Something Series) and plenty of content about The Kissing Booth series and my other books.

Don't worry - you can still access all those posts via the link to 'The Archive' - and the way I've designed this website will allow me to share blog posts and updates, too, but the idea is that they will be a bit less rigid in theme, schedule, etc, and allow me a bit more creative freedom.

It felt like time for a change and an update. Here, you'll find clearer details about all my books compared to the old site, as well as contact details and more.

Stay tuned for more updates from me on Twitter @Reekles or on Instagram @authorbethreekles.

And until next time,


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