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  • Beth Reekles | Official Website | author, creator, popcorn lover

    Beth Reekles welcome to the new website! Hey folks, Less of a blog post and more of a 'hello' message - welcome to my new website! For the last several years I've been using... About Me Beth Reekles is the author of the bestselling YA series THE KISSING BOOTH (now also a hit trilogy on Netflix) alongside several other rom-com novels. Her tenth book and debut adult novel LOVE, LOCKED DOWN was published in 2022. A self-confessed nerd and rom-com fan, she is now a full-time author and shares movie reviews on her Instagram. follow beth on instagram find out more about my books Out of gallery

  • The Kissing Booth Series | Beth Reekles

    The Kissing Booth series Out of gallery The Kissing Booth ** Read the book behind the smash-hit Netflix film, starring Joey King! ** Meet Elle Evans: pretty, popular - and never been kissed. Meet Noah Flynn: badass, volatile - and a total player. When Elle decides to run a kissing booth for the school carnival, she never imagines she'll sit in it – or that her first ever kiss would be with bad boy Noah. From that moment, her life is turned upside down – but is this a romance destined for happiness or heartbreak? If you love Holly Bourne and John Green, then you will adore The Kissing Booth! Amazon Waterstones Foyles The Beach House Want to know what happened to Elle and Noah straight after the smash-hit Netflix film The Kissing Booth? Elle Evans always spends a perfect summer full of sun, sea and plenty of flirting at Lee and Noah's beach house. And she can't wait to hit the beach, even if this year, things are a little different... Elle is now officially dating hotter-than-hot Noah - it's amazing, and Elle's never been happier. But Noah's leaving for Harvard at the end of the summer - and what will happen to them then? Meanwhile Lee's new girlfriend, Rachel, is joining them for the summer. Elle and Lee have always been BFFs, but can everything stay the same with Rachel on the scene - and with Elle now dating Lee's big brother? Can Elle have one last perfect summer with her two favourite boys? Amazon Waterstones Foyles The Kissing Booth 2: Going the Distance **The inspiration for The Kissing Booth 2 on Netflix - out now!** Elle Evans seems to have finally tamed hotter-than-hot bad boy Noah Flynn, but now they're facing a new challenge. Noah's 3,000 miles away at Harvard, which means they're officially a long-distance couple - and it's tough. After all, there's only so much texts and calls can satisfy - and when Elle sees a post which suggests Noah's getting friendly with another girl, she's devastated. On top of that, it's hard to ignore the new boy at school. He's gentle, sweet, cute - and definitely interested in Elle. With her heart on the line, what's a girl to do? Join Elle, Noah, Lee and all your favourite Kissing Booth characters for another amazing romantic story that's sure to have you swooning. Amazon Waterstones Foyles The Kissing Booth: Road Trip A super-fun romantic comedy short story, set in the world of the bestselling The Kissing Booth - written exclusively for World Book Day 2020! Everyone knows it's TOUGH having a long-distance relationship - especially when your boyfriend is as sizzlingly hot and exciting as Noah Flynn. Elle's thrilled her bad-boy-turned good has made it into Harvard, but being stuck back in Los Angeles isn't much fun without him. So there's only one thing for it . . . a road trip to visit! And what could be better than packing up your best buddy's convertible sports car, heading out on Route 66, and looking for fun and adventure along the way? Maybe only the person waiting for you at the other end . . . Amazon Waterstones The Kissing Booth 3: One Last Time INSPIRED BY THE KISSING BOOTH 3 - NOW A MAJOR NETFLIX FILM! It started with a kiss. It ends with a chance to rewrite the rules. For one last time, join Elle, Noah, Lee and all your favourite Kissing Booth characters for the conclusion to this incredible romantic story! Summer is here, and Elle can't wait to spend it with her two favourite boys: Noah and Lee! Better yet, they'll be chilling at the Flynn family beach home, where Elle and Lee discover the Beach Bucket List - their childhood wishlist of crazy things they swore they'd do together before going to college. Elle is determined to make this the best summer ever . . . because she's facing the hardest decision of her life. Should she move across the country to join Noah at Harvard, or fulfil her lifelong promise to go to college with Lee at Berkeley? Maybe it's time for Elle to stop thinking about what the boys expect . . . and decide which future she wants. Whose heart will break as The Kissing Booth trilogy comes to an end? Amazon Waterstones Foyles a note from the author I began writing The Kissing Booth when I was 15 years old, uploading it one chapter at a time to story-sharing platform Wattpad - it accumulated over 19 million reads before I was offered a 3-book publishing deal at age 17. This story and these characters have meant so much to me. They were a huge part of my life for ten years, and it's been thrilling to see them adapted for Netflix. If you'd like to find out more about that, make sure to check out my blog posts in The Archive. And, in case you were going to ask... No, there won't be a Kissing Booth 4. thanks for all the love, Beth

  • Love, Locked Down | Beth Reekles

    Love, Locked Down Love, Locked Down Five couples. One week. A love story like no other . . . When an apartment block is put on lockdown, its residents are in for a whirlwind week. In Flat 14, wild and reckless Imogen is stuck living with a one-night-stand whose name she can’t remember. Upstairs, Isla and Danny are still in the honeymoon period, but a warts-and-all week together so early in the relationship could make or break their romance. Meanwhile, Zach and Serena’s steady relationship is on tenterhooks, and pineapple on pizza might actually be the last straw. In Flat 22, Olivia’s Maid of Honour duties are pushing her to the edge as a wedding-planning weekend has turned into an entire (nightmarish) week… And speaking of weddings, this whole thing has made Ethan realise he wants to spend the rest of his life with Charlotte, if only he can surprise her with the perfect proposal – and find a way to sneak her into the building . . . From make-ups to break-ups, one-night stands and proposals, Love, Locked Down is the ultimate love story. Perfect for fans of THE FLATSHARE, OUR STOP and LOVE ACTUALLY Amazon Waterstones Foyles Audible Lockdown on London Lane Lockdown on London Lane is the US title for LOVE, LOCKED DOWN. Amazon US Barnes & Noble Indie Bound Target what people are saying... a note from the author This story originally started out as a series of five short stories I uploaded to story-sharing platform Wattpad in April 2020, right at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic and the first lockdown. You can read the original (and much shorter) first draft of the book on Wattpad here. Despite the inspiration of lockdown, it's a plot device rather than a morbid, looming presence in the book. This story is a fun, lighthearted rom-com - the sort of thing I very much needed at the time, and hopefully you will still enjoy now! ever a fan of banana bread, Beth

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  • welcome to the new website!

    Hey folks, Less of a blog post and more of a 'hello' message - welcome to my new website! For the last several years I've been using Blogger as my main site. This is where I posted my series of writing advice blogs (Writing Wednesdays), more lifestyle-themed posts (The Twenty-Something Series) and plenty of content about The Kissing Booth series and my other books. Don't worry - you can still access all those posts via the link to 'The Archive' - and the way I've designed this website will allow me to share blog posts and updates, too, but the idea is that they will be a bit less rigid in theme, schedule, etc, and allow me a bit more creative freedom. It felt like time for a change and an update. Here, you'll find clearer details about all my books compared to the old site, as well as contact details and more. Stay tuned for more updates from me on Twitter @Reekles or on Instagram @authorbethreekles. And until next time, xo

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